About Us

Universal Rap League (URL) is home to everything Hip Hop!
URL is just like YouTube, WorldStar Hip Hop, and SoundCloud Combined!
Unlike each of these Music Platforms, Universal Rap League gives Artists Opportunities to Promote there Musical Works on all Music Platforms such as World Star Hip Hop, YouTube, SoundCloud, DatPiff, MyMixtapes, and Much More!
Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter limit your audience and its recent Algorithms only allow a small percentage of friends to view your musical works due to its new likes and interest features. So, if your friends don’t hit the like button they will rarely will see your works.
Universal Rap League users can promote their musical works with every URL member.
These Members are DJ’s, Producers, Managers, Record Label Executives and Musicians that are always looking to work with talent that is not heard of by mainstream media.
Universal Rap League’s Goal is to help Independent Rap Artist Evolve at the same speed as Mainstream Artist.
Opening Concert Opportunities, Magazine and Radio Opportunities for each Member.